uncommonly beautiful #2: trish

I take tons of portraits --  usually as part of my 1000 faces challenge -- but I also take photographs of so many other beautiful people, in ways that don't really work for that gallery. So I've decided to start an Uncommonly Beautiful feature here on Chookooloonks, to share some of my favourites with you, and introduce you to these uncommonly beautiful folks.  I hope you enjoy them.

* * * * * * * *

Trish is one of my dearest friends -- I've known her since the early-90s, when I was in law school, interning at the law firm where she practiced.  She has the strongest sense of justice and fairness of anyone I have ever known.  We became friends pretty much immediately, and back then, she was what we in Trinidad call my "runnin' padna" -- we hung out a ton, often going to see tons of live music together, including a visit one memorable year to her home town for the New Orleans Jazz Fest.  Since then, we've both been through relationships, job changes, marriages and parenthood, and through it all, she has become one of my most trusted confidants.

Photo:  Trish with her son, J, photographed last summer.

SongIko Iko as performed by Dr. John

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