we've arrived


We're here, at our Undisclosed Vacation Location!  We arrived with absolutely no plans -- which is pretty much the opposite of how I usually operate:  my closest friends will tell you that I'm a Planner, scheduling every minute of every day to within an inch of its life.  But because I've been here before, I decided that we were going to take these next two weeks without an agenda in sight.

As a result, however, it has taken us a couple of days to calm down -- we've been rushing everywhere and seeing everything, as if our lack of agenda has added a sense of urgency to Making Sure We Enjoy Ourselves.  But finally, tonight, we realized that we still have well over 10 days ahead of us, and perhaps we should slow down, and start to savour our time here.

So tonight, we did.

Tomorrow, I'll share a few photo clues for you to guess where we are; but for now, I'm just popping in to tell you that we're here, and I'm so happy to be alone with my family in this beautiful place.

More soon.

SongLikufanele by Zero 7.  This was playing on our ipod while I took the photograph of Marcus, above, and wrote the accompanying words.  The name of this song means "it suits you," which seemed to suit this post perfectly.