what i want my work to feel like


I was at a breakfast event late last week, and ran into an old friend, Imelda, who was carrying a really stunning handbag.   I asked her about it, and she told me about Stash, a woman who builds beautiful bags in an old factory in Sealy, Texas (just outside of Houston).  When I got home, Imelda sent me the link to her website.

It turns out that in addition to making amazing bags, Stash is also a photographer, so naturally the photographs on her site are really pretty.  But what really stopped me in my tracks was the video story about her business.  Her words are lovely, but dude, the imagery.  I couldn't stop watching the imagery.

Great, right?  Here's the thing, though -- I can't quite put my finger on what it is about the imagery that makes me feel awesome.  Is it the incredibly cool location? Or is it actually the way it was shot?  Even weirder, I can't even really name what the emotion is that I feel as I watch it.  Something close to "comfort," maybe?  Or "safety," even?  Or "warmth"? 

Or, maybe, it's "intimacy" ... ??

Anyway, I've been obsessed with this video, watching it over and over again, and I do know that whatever it is that I'm feeling is exactly what I'd like to convey with my own images.  So, to help me put my finger on it, last night I combed my archives to see if I could find shots that I've taken in the past that I feel like convey the same feeling.  I managed to find a few.

What I found interesting is that there are a few of them that I've never shared before;  I assume because whatever I'm feeling now wasn't as important to me at the time that I took them.  And then, there were several of them that I had shared with you in the past, but this time I felt the need to re-process them to convey more of that feeling I want to share.


 I thought I'd share them with you here, as a bit of an experiment, if you wouldn't mind sharing your thoughts:

a)  Are you moved by the Stash video, too?  If so, what is it about the imagery that you like, and what's the emotion you feel when you watch it?

b)  Do you have any strong feelings (positive or negative) when you look at the photographs above (regardless of whether you think it's technically a good shot)?

P.S.  It dawns on me that this is first career that I've ever had where I actually care about how my work product feels.  (I mean, in my past life, while I certainly wanted a cordial working relationship with clients, colleagues or opposing counsel,  I honestly didn't really consider if a contract felt good, you know?  I was more concerned about factual or legal accuracy.  I think we all were.)  Is that odd?  Do you find you caring about the feeling or emotion conveyed in your work product? 

Song:  Stick around by David Ramirez.  I want my work to feel like the imagery in this video, too.