what "thrive" looks like

One of the goals that I have, both for myself and for Chookooloonks, is to get a clear idea of what it means to "thrive" -- what "thriving" looks like.  The dictionary definition, "to be successful or prosper," has a vaguely financial ring to it, and therefore misses the mark for me.  "Thriving" is definitely more than monetary success, or moving through life without major catastrophe.  It's something ... bigger.

As I often do when I'm wrestling with something, I turned to Facebook to crowdsource a definition.  I was really thrilled with the diversity of responses that I received, so I wanted to share some of my favourites with you here.

what does it mean to "thrive"?


"To live passionately.  To live with conviction."  ~ Melissa

"For me, it is to flourish, in spite of challenges and hardship."  ~  Meg

"To thrive is to blossom into someone who loves themself."  ~  Alexandra

"Eudaimonia.  Isn't that just the best word??"  ~ Angela

"To thrive is to live, with love and purpose."  ~  Jennifer

"A powerful word for me.  I define it in contrast to merely surviving.  Surviving is living in relation to one's wounds.  Sometimes it's the best we can do.  But thriving is living beyond them."  ~  Kyran

"Living abundance."  ~  Lucrecer

"To maintain the gift of being present with the present."  ~  Sara

"To be operating from a mature, calm, satisfied part of your brain.  To be 'doing well' and not agonized or in distress; to be growing and experiencing joy."  ~  Heather


I love all of these definitions so much.  To them, I'll add mine:  I believe to thrive is to live an exuberant, celebratory life.

As part of my exploration of the word, I've started a little film photography project, interviewing women who I believe are masterful at thriving, and asking them for their definitions.   The project is in early stages, yet -- but if you'd like to follow along as I add images and definitions, you can see them right here.

Here's to thriving, friends.


Song:  Golden by Jill Scott