Coaching is all about unlocking your potential to maximize your own success. Unlike therapy, which tends to be retrospective and focuses on a psychological issue that undermines the ability to function in healthy and adaptive ways, our coaching work together will be more about the present and future, focusing on your goals and drawing on your potential, strengths and skills to maximize success in your life and work

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coaching fees

standard fee

Working on achieving your goals with the help of a coaching relationship is an important investment in yourself and your career.  The clients I work with often clarify their goals, and are able to begin making positive progress towards their goals within a few sessions.

initial consultation:  free

standard fee (60-minute session):  $375/session


coaching packages

By committing to a series of coaching session, we're able to work together over time to work toward your goals, and I'm able to offer you substantial savings per session.  Choose from two packages:

4-session package:  $325/session ($1300 total, $200 savings)

6-session package:  $300/session  ($1800 total, $450 savings)

In addition to the savings detailed above, by committing to a package, you'll get the following:

•  unlimited email support
•  scheduling flexibility & priority
•  payment plans available


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She has this uncanny way of putting people at ease, making you feel you have known her for a long time.
A rare combination of directness, honesty and warmth.
— Yvonne Whitelaw, MD, MPH, Physician Coach
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speaking & workshop facilitation fees

My speaking and workshop fees and standard terms are available upon request.  Please use the form at the bottom of the speaker page to submit your query.   I look forward to connecting with you soon.

With her passion, intelligence, flexibility and intuition, Karen is able to craft innovative messages that inspires her audience to think less, act more and make immediate impact in their organizations.
— Megan Choate, Manager, Solutions, Child Health Corporation of America