#shutterhappy! a 21-day photo meditation for cultivating joy (always enrolling!)

#shutterhappy! a 21-day photo meditation for cultivating joy (always enrolling!)


I am a huge fan of gratitude, and I think the practice of doing so helps us curate a joyful life.  One of the realizations I've come to over the years is that my camera is an amazing tool for capturing joy -- often without thinking about it.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit;  #shutterhappy! is about making your photography a daily, mindful practice of seeking out the good in your life.

In #shutterhappy, you'll:

  • receive photo tips on how to make your photography better, no matter what kind of camera you're using -- from iPhone to point-and-shoot to dSLR to Polaroid;  
  • receive 21 days of photo prompts, encouraging you to stop and take a moment to appreciate good in your life (and capture them on camera!); and  
  • receive 21 daily inspirational quotes that will make you think about the images of happy that you're shooting in a new way.  

ALWAYS ENROLLING.  Emails will begin within 72 hours of paid registration, and daily thereafter for 21 days.


no refunds ::  all sales final

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When.  Within 72 hours of your registration, and for 21 days after.

Where. In your mailbox in your journal. The course is self-paced, and as private as you'd like it to be.

How. Every day for 21 days, you'll receive photo prompts and quotes in your mailbox, to help you stop and notice the goodness and light around you.  All you need is a way to take photographs -- your smartphone works!

Who. Anyone who would like to live life and capture its awesome a bit more mindfully.  No photography experience required.

Why. Because stopping and smelling the roses is good for your spirit.

How Much. Only $21 USD total for all 21 days -- just a dollar a day!