it's october 20th: do you know where your early voting location is?

Early voting begins today in Texas, and so far, it appears citizens are turning out in force.

I became a US citizen back in 1994 specifically because of an election result that really ticked me off.  Two days after the results, I decided that if I was making my home in the United States, then by God, I was going to have a voice.  I contacted what was then known as the "Immigration and Naturalization Service," and filed my paperwork to become a citizen.  I haven't missed an election since.

This morning, I took Alex with me to the early voting location before dropping her off at school.  She was very excited, and marveled at me in the car afterwards:  "Mom, voting is a big girl thing to do, right?  I'm a big girl.  That's why I could come with you and help you vote."

If you're an American citizen living in Texas, you might want to consider casting your vote early, to avoid the rush in November.  You can find out where to do so here.  In any event, whether you do it now or later, I do hope you vote.

Then you can feel like a big girl (or boy), too.

Karen Walrond11 Comments