So I was looking through my recent photographs trying to pick a suitable one for today's post, and I came across this one that I shot last Friday, in the tunnel connecting the two main buildings of the Museum of Fine Arts.  That day, as a little treat to myself, I had breakfast at my favourite coffee house, and then headed over to the Museum to check out The Black List Project.  I have been dying to see this exhibit since it came to the Houston, and could never find the time -- amazing how quitting my job freed up my schedule!

Today, I'm feeling a bit muddled (not unlike how the people look in the image, above): I find myself incredibly busy, doing things which I know may lead to future paid gigs, but nonetheless doing things which aren't making me money right now.  I know there'll be days like this, days where I question whether I've made the right decision leaving law (I can't call myself a "lawyer" anymore, I think), but when I start having those types of thoughts, I can't help but remember the words of Toni Morrison in the documentary that accompanies The Black List Project ... are not beholden to someone else's opinion of you...

... and I remember that I create my own destiny, my own ideals, my own standards for my own life.

And then I just keep on keeping on.

 Song: Never Stop by The Brand New Heavies

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