will work for vitamin c

About 10 years ago, I remember going to work with a raging cold. It was the latest in a series of weird little illnesses I'd picked up over the two previous years.

'I have no idea what's wrong with me,' I remember lamenting to my boss, Mike. 'I'm generally healthy as a horse.'

'Oh please, Karen,' said Mike. 'You haven't noticed how you always get ill when you're stressed? I can almost predict the day you're going to come down with something, just by looking at your workload.'

I remember being incredibly shocked by this, and vehemently denying it ... until I realized he was right. And you'd think by now I'd learn to stock up on vitamins during stressful times, but that would require logic and planning on my part, wouldn't it ...

... anyway, as I type this, I'm lying in bed, full of one of Marcus' fabulous seafood stews, and about to take a good swig of Nyquil. And yes, while my current state is indicative of what I've been facing at work, the truth is that today I took the first of many steps toward alleviating my stress. And it was a big first step, too. So even though I feel like hammered dog shit, the good thing is that I feel like very happy, very content hammered dog shit.

You know, in a manner of speaking.

Song: Better Way, Ben Harper

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