through the viewfinder monday: bring into focus

Thank you all so much.  Seriously.  As I mentioned over the weekend, I've had a bit of nerves about this whole thing, and sincerely, your comments and e-mails were so instrumental in helping steady myself.  I've taken every one of your sage words to heart, I've already ordered the books you've recommended, and I'm trying to remember that nerves are normal.  Besides, as a friend of mine says, "luck and hard work will make it happen -- and hard work will bring the luck."  Since this friend of mine ran her own business for 13 years, I suspect she's right.

Anyway, enough of all of that.  Here are five really good things that have happened recently:

1.  I made an awesome curry-shrimp-and-dumplings for my family this weekend, if I do say so myself.  Nothing like a little Trini food to bring some good comfort.

2.  Marcus let me sleep in on Sunday, and I didn't get out of bed until 9 a.m.  When I awoke, there was a hot cup of coffee waiting for me on the bedside table, as if the Hot Cup of Coffee Fairy had been waiting until just the right time to leave it for me.  The Hot Cup of Coffee Fairy rocks.

3.  On Friday night camp night, Marcus, Alex and I watched The Jungle Book.  Alex had apparently seen it before (during school over the summer), but Marcus and I hadn't.  Quite good, in a mid-twentieth-century sort of way.

4.  I did a bit of journaling to calm my nerves.  It had been a while since I journaled.  I should journal more.

5.  Despite all the anxiety, I feel closer to Marcus and Alex than ever.  I didn't spend all my waking hours wondering what clause I forgot to include in a contract, or how to respond to a code of business conduct issue at the office.  And that, my friends, is a really good thing.

What made your lives good this weekend?

SongSoul Singing by The Black Crowes

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