happy cousins

Hello from England!

We arrived yesterday, and are blearily making our way through jetlag.  It's cold and rainy and everything England should be in the wintertime.  And Alex is having a great time -- even though there won't be any snow, there are beautiful fall colours everywhere, and since Houston is not exactly known for its brilliant autumn foliage, she's satisfied.

Today, we spent time with Marcus' brother and his family today, including their son, Theo.  I can't tell you how excited Alex was to see Theo.  Theo is 4 months older than Alex, and she has a real soft spot for him; in fact, this morning, the first words out of her mouth were, "I'm going to see Theo today."  When I suggested that we get up and get dressed, she said, rather decisively, "Yes.  We should.  And I need to wear something pretty, because Theo likes me to look pretty."

Okay, then. 

So, since in Alex's world, "pretty" equals "pink," I picked out a suitable outfit.  And I do have to say, Alex and Theo got on like a house on fire.  There were light sabres.  And pop-up pirates.  (Don't ask.) 

And walks together in beautiful parks.

SongBeautiful Day by U2

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