bonus shot: the terminal cuteness of the holiday recital

Last night was Alex's school recital.  She was one of the narrators.  I cannot tell you how excited she was for this play -- last night couldn't have come quickly enough.  We worked on her lines every day while we were on holiday:

"A little star wasn't able to go with all the big stars ... but she heard the plea of all the animals, and the little tree, too.  She decided to go down and be a Christmas star for the little tree, and twinkle brightly on Christmas day. 

"The star looked just beautiful on the little tree, and the little tree began to feel just like a Christmas tree.  In fact, she thought she was the most beautiful Christmas tree ever.  Don't you think so too?"

She did wonderfully. 


This was during the dance number at the end of the play.  The little girl with her is her best friend Sydney.  These two are inseparable.  Inseparable, that is, until their teacher separates them for talking too much in class.


At the end of the play, giving some face for the paparazzi.  The sweet little boy, B, is a lover, not a fighter.  That kid'll hug anybody.


Alex and Sydney hugging in post-play euphoria.


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