through the viewfinder: countdown to christmas

I'm happy to report, I'm in a great mood.  The Christmas shopping is done, the gifts are wrapped, and Alex's Christmas recital helped blow the last of the funk away.

Tra-la-la-la-la, baby.

The only thing left to do is to do the grocery shopping for the big day -- and after making the shockingly long list last night, Marcus will head to the store today to pick everything up.  We tend to have a pretty traditional Christmas meal -- traditional, that is, if you came from a Trinidadian-American-English family like ours.  While I won't be eating any meat, in addition to the turkey and stuffing (American), we'll have roasted potatoes (English), Brussel sprouts (English), macaroni pie (Trinidadian), some sort of pig product -- either ham or a pork loin (Trinidadian), and of course, rum punch (definitely Trinidadian).  Then we'll wind everything up with apple pie and ice cream (American).

I know I have a pretty international readership here, I was wondering:  is there anything special you eat around this time of year?  Extra points for recipes!

SongSanta baby, as performed by Eartha Kitt


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