san antonio riverwalk

Hello from San Antonio! We're officially here, and checked into what appears to be, so far, the most charming hotel in San Antonio. As it happens, my parents decided to evacuate Houston as well, and managed to get hotel reservations at the same hotel. So this evening, naturally, we got together and walked down to the Riverwalk for dinner and drinks.

If you've not been to San Antonio, it's truly a charming little city.

In the meantime, back in Houston/Galveston, things continue to look decidedly grim. For those of you who have will be/are evacuating, safe travels. For those of you who have decided to stay, please stay safe, and don't take any unnecessary chances or risks.

Song: My way, as performed by Robin Williams. This was playing on our child-friendly-road-trip-iPod-mix as we entered the San Antonio city limits this afternoon, and it somehow seemed surprisingly fitting.
Karen WalrondComment