watching and waiting

Still in San Antonio, trying to get some work done, but not doing very well: it's sort of hard to concentrate. CNN is on, and we're watching the waves from the storm surge inundate Galveston -- and it hasn't even started raining yet. Luckily, many of our friends chose to evacuate (as evidenced by e-mails, and posts on Twitter and Facebook pages), but some haven't, and are instead hunkering down to ride out the storm.

The truth is, for my friends who have homes in Houston, I think they'll be safe. Marcus and I are planning on returning to Houston on Sunday, and are relatively confident we'll find our 1950's-built, brick home intact (unless one of the many ancient trees falls on our roof. That would be bad). What I fully anticipate, however, is returning to a home with no electricity, and if things play out like it looks like it may, I'm a bit worried it may be several days (weeks?) before power is restored.

But that's the pessimistic part of me talking. The truth is we can't do anything but stay calm, wait it out, and pray for our friends and neighbours who have decided to stay. And, I suppose, try to get some work done.

If you're a faith-based sort, please say a quick prayer for Houston/Galveston and surrounding areas.

Song: Hope by Jack Johnson
Karen Walrond3 Comments