Last night, our friends Sherryl and John came over for an impromptu dinner.  First, because the light was so beautiful when they arrived, I took the portraits of Sherryl, above.  Then, as is always the case when we get together, there were high-spirited discussions about the economy, fervent rants about the upcoming election, and certainly some nostalgia and wistfulness about Sherryl's and my homeland, Trinidad & Tobago.

But I do believe the highlight of the evening was when we tried the wasabi peanuts that Marcus brought home as an experiment.  I'm a huge fan of wasabi peas, but the wasabi peanuts looked a bit odd, and I was hesitant to try them.  Eventually we all did, and Marcus announced, "they taste like Brussel sprouts."

"You're right," said John, munching away.  "They taste like the farty part of Brussel sprouts."

You heard it here first, folks.

Song:  Jean & Dinah, by the Mighty Sparrow.  You can read about this classic Trinidadian calypso from the 1950's here, and here Sparrow talk about it and sing parts of it here.  Despite the many, many fabulous calypsos that have been written, sung and performed since 1956 when this first hit the airways, this song remains one of my absolute favourites, for the memories of watching my mom and dad dancing to it at house parties when I was a child.  A true Trini classic.

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