the aquanauts!

Tonight was truly one of the oddest nights of my life: our friends, James and Lisa, invited us to a private pool party, courtesy of the Aurora Picture Show. 'It's sort of strange,' said James, 'but I think you guys will like it. There'll be synchronized swimming.'

And seriously, how could we pass that up?

So we showed up, and sure enough, The Aquanauts were there, a synchronized swim team founded by none other than Neil Armstrong's wife. The entire party had a very 60's-lounge-y feel, with women walking around in vintage swimsuits, martinis everywhere, and to top it off, an outdoor screening of 'simply wrong educational and training films,' by 16mm film collector Skip Elsheimer. The final film screened was actually an abridged version of the movie The Swimmer, an indescribably weird movie of a man who 'swims home' by diving and swimming, one by one, in pools all over his neighbourhood. Starring Burt Lancaster, no less.

It may take me a few weeks to get over this. But it was awesome.

Song:  Splish, Splash by Bobby Darin

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