ttv monday: emerging

Aside from the positively weird and wonderful time I had on Saturday night, this entire weekend has been rather emotional (in a very good way), and I feel like I need a weekend to rest up from my weekend. One of the highlights, however, was the completely extravagant, still-trying-to-catch-my-breath purchase of a new iMac -- and children? Words cannot describe how much I love this machine. I love this machine so much, I may have actually publicly mentioned that I felt like was cheating on my husband, so strong are my feelings about this machine. I'm actually a bit concerned I may not see daylight for a while: it's that hard for me to pull myself away.

Also, I may or may not have just now actually and physically kissed the screen.

Anyway, between that, the synchronized swimmers, and embarking on some brand-spanking-new projects, this weekend has been a bit overwhelming. In addition, it's the last month of the quarter, and in my world, that means that my job is about to get really demanding as we try to close some big deals. So forgive me, please, if I'm not uploading every day as I should. I promise I'll dedicate whatever spare moment I can to updating the site ...

...if only to play with the iMac again.

Song: Personal Jesus. You think I'm going to finish this by saying 'by Depeche Mode,' but ha! No! You would be wrong! I'm going to finish this by saying 'as performed by Johnny Cash. Because, naturally, this version of this song is how our Saturday evening ended. Also because, apparently, synchronized swimmers and film strips weren't surreal enough.

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