i'm over the nesting now

After yesterday's hard work, the finished product, above.  Because the previous tan wall colour was so dark, we went lighter -- a shade called "creme caramel."  I wanted the whole room to look like it had been dipped in a vat of homemade vanilla ice cream, and I have to say, mission accomplished.  The room is much lighter and brighter, as opposed to the somewhat cavelike feel of before.  Added bonus: the background of the painting you see in this picture is painted with yellow and orange and has gold flecks; while before you didn't really much notice it (and you can't really see it in the photo), now it totally pops.  Score.

Anyway, my hand is now sore and cramped and I've developed a blister on my finger (apparently I use an inordinate amount of pressure when I paint.  Either that, or I'm a total pansy).  I think I'm pretty much done redecorating.  So with that, back to your regularly scheduled Chookooloonks.

(Thanks for all your advice!)

Karen Walrond13 Comments