20 things that calm me

1. Nag champa incense

2. Walking around art supply stores

3. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

4. The beach at Coco Reef hotel, Tobago

5. Cups of sweet tea

6. Fires in fireplaces

7. The sound of the ocean

8. The breeze in the hills of Trinidad (or anywhere in the Caribbean)

9. Alex singing "Mommy and Alex, wake up..." to the bell tones of my alarm clock

10. Small houses of prayer, meditation or worship

11. Twinkle lights

12. Bossa nova

13. Hammocks

14. Journaling

15. Making lists

16. Walking around someplace new with my camera

17. Quiet dinners alone with Marcus

18. Being at home when it's storming outside

19. Getting lost in a really good book

20. A clean house


Song: Shanti/Ashanti by Madonna

Karen Walrond23 Comments