quiet smiles

Even though leaving town last week to get some writing done was a great idea, I find myself still a bit inundated with work.  So this post is just a quick one -- I thought I'd share what's making me smile lately:

1.  This photograph of beautiful women.  It proves what I believe deep down in my soul: we were made to be all different shapes, sizes, colours, races, nationalities because it makes the world a more amazing place.

2.  Random acts of kindness, including the very sweet compliment a total stranger gave me during a recent run, an unexpected gift mailed to Alex for no reason at all, and a gorgeous print  sent to me by a friend and fellow photographer who I've never actually met in person before.  These lovely gestures have seriously kept me going and I'm very grateful.

3.  My new True Love necklace.  I purchased it a few weeks ago, and it arrived this week.  The two pieces of Mati's art that I chose for the pendant are meant to inspire me to use my voice in a strong, kind way, and I love how it turned out.  I can't wait to wear it.

Life is good.  Here's hoping you smile today, too.


SongPeople everyday by Arrested Development


Image:  Flamingos in Birdland.  Photographed in England last year, Nikon D200, 70-200mm lens.


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