bonus shot: rufus

Just popping in to show you His Highness Mr. Rufus A. Pants, posing on his new dog bed.  This bed is from, and is pretty ingenious:  you simply fill their mesh bag with your old clothes, pull one of their "duvet" covers over the whole thing, and voila -- instant dog bed, one that smells like comforting you and easily comes apart to wash in the washing machine, filling and all.  Brilliant, I say. 

I bought the bed about a week ago, and when I received it today, there was an invitation to take a photograph of the bed in use, so that Molly could put it on her website.  After a bit of cajoling, Rufus agreed to pose for the shot, above.  Besides, it had been a while since I'd featured a decent Rufus shot here, and Rufus was feeling neglected.

Happy Halloween, everybody.  I suspect another bonus shot of a certain little trick-or-treater in our house will be posted later this weekend, so stay tuned.

Karen Walrond5 Comments