taking off


Off to Atlanta today.  The weather forecast says that the first cold front of the season is supposed to arrive in Houston, spawning thunderstorms pretty much exactly when my plane is supposed to take off.  Of course.  

God, I hate flying.

Since my flight will likely be delayed, and I'll likely be a pool of nerves in the process, can I impose upon you to do something to take my mind off of everything?  Please leave a comment: let me know where you're reading this (city, country, wherever), and also feel free to ask a question, make a declaration, share some good news, tell us all a joke, tell me your favourite actor's name, your favourite flavour of ice cream, whatever.  I'd love to learn some more about you.

And also, have a great weekend, everyone.  See you when I get back.


SongFly away by Lenny Kravitz

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