a series of random, shallow thoughts that have recently gone through my head

My afro is getting so big, it appears it might be eating my head.  I think it's seriously time to cut all my hair off.

Or keep growing it, and get dreadlocks.  Maybe I'll get dreadlocks.

Man, the thing about dreadlocks is they either look really good, or really bad.  I have no idea what mine would look like.  I'm going to cut my hair off.

Or grow dreadlocks.

Alex would love it if I got dreadlocks.  "Bob Marley hair."

That pink paint in Alex's bedroom is way pinker than I thought it was going to be.  Oh well, she likes it.  And we really did a great job of it.

I think we should paint the living and dining rooms too.  That grey paint is just so depressing.  The previous owners must have been humourless sorts to paint it such a dour colour.  We should definitely paint those rooms.  But what colour ...

I can't face another paintbrush right now.  Maybe we should hire people to do it.

Who am I, Ivanka Trump?  We can't afford painters!  We'll paint it.

Seriously, I can't look at paint for a while.  Besides, that grey is not so bad.

The grey in my hair is driving me nuts, though.  It's like a grey stripe in the giant afro skunk that is eating my head.



I bet the people who read my blog can't wait until NaBloPoMo is over.


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