aids foundation houston

For the past 6 years or so, I've been involved with an amazing organization, AIDS Foundation Houston

Yesterday, I spent the day at a retreat with fellow members of the board of this organization, all of whom are from wildly diverse backgrounds:  law, banking, the media, architecture, PR -- the works.  The day was full of interesting and informative presentations, but my favourite part was the icebreaker that started the day.

Each person was invited to introduce himself or herself, and tell how they came to be involved with AFH.  Almost without exception, each of the board members had a personal story of how someone he or she knew was affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.  More telling, however, was that almost without exception, each of the board members was brought close to tears telling his/her story.

Listening to these men and women speak, it made me realize how lucky I am that for the most part,  I spend a lot of my life in the company of people who really, deeply care about helping others. 


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