Marcus' mom, brother and sister-in-law arrived at our house early Saturday evening, duly jetlagged.  Because we knew this would happen, we made absolutely no plans for Sunday, so that they could sleep in, if necessary, and get acclimated to Houston time.

The next morning, after we had the pancakes that Alex suggested*, we asked them if they had anything that they were looking forward to doing while in Houston.  Because it was a beautiful day, they suggested a walk.** And so, we wandered down to a nearby bird sanctuary to take a stroll through the woods.

Since I'm not a huge fan of walking in the woods***, I went along with a slight bit of trepidation, bringing my camera along for solace.  But little did I know that spending a good 45 minutes playing poohsticks would be so relaxing and fun.

I'd say Thanksgiving week is off to a decent start.


*  She didn't so much suggest, as ask everyone in the house, "Would you like pancakes for breakfast?  They're really good.  I think you'd really enjoy them.  Seriously, do you want some?  You should try some!"  I took that as a hint that she wanted me to make pancakes for breakfast.

**  Ah, these tourists from countries where people actually walk places!  Don't they know that here in Houston, there is no walk, only Hummer?

***  Beaches, yes; woods, no.  There are bugs in the woods, man.  I'm not good with bugs.  Marcus reckons that spending my formative years in the tropics ruined me.


SongIt's the same old song by the Four Tops.  Today's song brought to you by Alex's Uncle Matt, shown in an intense poohsticks contest, above.

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