taste of texas

There is an unwritten law in Texas which states that if ever you are hosting people from out of town, you must -- without exception -- take them for authentic Tex-Mex cooking.  So, being law-abiding types, that's just what we did last night.

Helen, above, is my sister-in-law: Marcus' brother Matt's wife.  She is kind and patient and true, not to mention smart as a whip.  She just finished medical school, and is currently doing her residency.  This is a good thing, not just because of the generally-accepted ideology that pursuing a career in medicine is admirable, but also because when you are married to fearless (and somewhat reckless) types like Marcus and Matt, it's often advantageous to have a doctor in the family.


SongPatience by Take That.  Today's song brought to you by Helen.

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