ye texas renaissance festival

Ye large man with cute elf ears.

Yesterday, we took Marcus' family to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I am always somewhat ambivalent about going to the Texas Renaissance Festival, specifically when it comes to taking Marcus' family there.  "Are you sure?"  I always ask.  "I mean, wouldn't it be at least mildly distasteful to your family to go to a place with a bunch of Texans speaking in bad English accents?"  Marcus always disagrees.

Personally, I think it's just because he's looking forward to drinking flagons of ale.

One great thing about the RenFest, though:  it certainly makes for interesting photo ops.

Ye old knight with a heart around one of his pointy metal nipples.

I considered the image above for an upcoming Love Thursday, but then decided against it.


Ye faire maiden.


Ye maiden with a highly impressive (and somewhat terrifying) décolletage.


Ye maiden who kept shouting "I want a husband!  Are you married?  I want a husband!!" Methinks there was some ye-mighty-strong-mead in her stein.


Ye another faire maiden.


Ye man with a decidedly sickly green pallor.


Ye lady blowing bubbles.


Ye ... elephant?


Ye Uncle Matt eating a turkey leg.


Ye fairest maiden in all of the land.


Ye fairest maiden in all of the land humiliating her father with her skirt.

SongLove story by Taylor Swift.  I actually despise this song, but you would be surprised how few contemporary songs there are out there with a Renaissance-era theme.

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