See that Eiffel tower behind them?  That's the cake.  It was all chocolate. Incredible.

Last night, Marcus, Alex and I attended the Quinceañera of the elder daughter of a friend of mine, Melissa. Melissa and I used to work together back in a past life, and I've known her daughter Maddy since she was 4 years old.  My most vivid memory of Maddy is hoisting her up on Santa's lap at our company Christmas party. 

And now she's 15. 

I have to say, Marcus and I were both in a little bit of shock watching Maddy greet people so graciously, all decked out in her stunning Quinceañera gown.  She was so beautiful, yes, but she was also so self-possessed.  This wasn't a child we were looking at, here. 

"Wait -- that's going to be what our kid will look like in 10 years??" asked Marcus, with more than a little fear in his eyes.

"'Fraid so," I responded grimly.

And yet, as I was wrestling with my discomfort, every now and then Maddy would let me know that the little girl I knew was still inside of her. 

And everything felt fine again.

(Congrats, Maddy -- and happy, happy birthday!)


Song: I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas

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