view 09: dr. sketchy

So now for something a little different.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at Dr. Sketchy -- a sort of monthly "anti-art school" meet-up, where artists gather to sketch live models.  The models are dressed in a burlesque costume (it varies depending on the month's theme), and there's food and a bar, and music, and a hell of a good time.  The entire affair is organized by my friend Happy Katie, and I've been meaning to go check it out for a while now.




From the Dr. Sketchy website:

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is everything you wish all of your old boring art classes could have been. That is, chilled out afternoons full of beautiful people, killer beats, booze and ridiculous contests / draw-offs.

Dr. Sketchy’s is what happens when Cabaret meets art school. When saucy models meet costume-themed boozefests. When artsy kids meet hip hop sketch clubs.

Houston Sketchy brings our steamy slice of the world a slew of stunning strumpettes to pose for and astound the masses – as well as pass out cool prizes and make fun of people. All that is expected of you is to sketch as you have never sketched before. And maybe have a couple of drinks too.


This is Happy Katie.  She's responsible for all of this.


It was a seriously cool time.



For me, the best part about all of this was seeing this variety of different women working their stuff up there on the small stage -- and trust me, they were seriously hot.  I remarked to a woman standing next to me that being there was a really great lesson in what's sexy:  when we look at ourselves in the mirror, it's so easy to pick apart our little flaws and imperfections; and yet, watching these women of all different shapes and sizes so confidently pose for the artists, never was it more obvious that sexy is absolutely a state of mind.

You can see the rest of the images here -- but fair warning:  while you won't see anything more risqué than you might in a Victoria's Secret underwear catalog, you might want to give that some consideration before you click that link while at work.

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