something springtime this way comes

Every region, I think, has its own little sign that springtime (or its equivalent) is finally on its way. In Trinidad, where the climate is more temperate, it's all about the Carnival season -- and the sounds of the panyards and the colours of the carnival costumes being made all over the country let you know that the season is heating up. When I lived in England, people eagerly waited for the appearance of the first daffodils -- it was the first real sign that spring would soon be at hand. And here in Houston, we know it's just about springtime when the azaleas start to bloom.

This week, it's unseasonably warm -- in the 70's already -- and the azaleas in our garden are already starting to show their vibrant pink petals. So these pictures are for those of you in northern climates who are currently buried under snowdrifts: just so you know, relief is in sight.

Song: The Littlest Birds by The Be Good Tanyas

Karen Walrond15 Comments