rainy day self portrait outtakes

When our family first moved to Trinidad back in 2005, Alex was just a year old.  As anyone with kids will tell you, entertaining a kid that young can sometimes be a challenge -- but one of the things we used to do quite often was take Rainy Day Self Portraits:  during rainy season when there were fewer dry days, I'd put a mirror in a well-lit place, and we'd sit in front of it and make faces while I clicked away.  Alex used to love it, because like most toddlers, she was enthralled with her own reflection.  Back then, I remember wondering at what age she'd finally think that taking portraits like that was sort of goofy and dumb.

Just so you know?  "That age" woud be "a couple of weeks shy of 5."


SongThe way I am, by Ingrid Michaelson

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