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Over the last couple of weeks, I have had conversations with several women for whom I have a great deal of admiration.  They're authors, artists, publishers, and agents, and without exception each was so very generous with her advice, ideas, and suggestions.  They all listened thoughtfully to my words, shared their own experiences, and helped guide me through my own conceptions and intentions, allowing me to come to my own conclusions.  As a result, I have some pretty clear-cut goals, most of which I would like to complete by the end of 2009.  I'm excited about what's ahead of me, and will be forever grateful to them for being so selfless with their time.

The problem?

I'm feeling a bit disorganized and indecisive as to how to get started.  How to take that first step.  Lately I'm scattered, looking for other ways to fill my time, rather than focusing on what needs to be done to tackle the tasks at hand.

However, the upside is that my house has never been so well swept.

Unfortunately, a few days have passed, and I still haven't made much progress.  I'm starting to feel like that horrifying recurring nightmare I frequently have:  the one where I find myself the night before the final exam, slowly realizing that I haven't been to class all semester, and I have about 12 hours to learn everything in the 1,342-page textbook before 9 a.m.

And so now, I come to you for a bit of advice:  what are your surefire ways of focusing, of making yourself concentrate on and jump into the large, overwhelming projects you know have to be done?

All suggestions seriously considered.


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