The current contents of my bag:

  • My beloved wallet, which I purchased on a trip to Oregon last year, filled with:  a Visa card, an ATM card, my Texas State Bar card, various insurance cards, US$ 8.33, and TT$ 20.00;
  • My old iPod and earphones, which I never listen to in my normal day-to-day life, but which remain in my bag since my flight to Trinidad last month;
  • An autographed copy of An Encyclopaedia of an Ordinary Life, given to me by the author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and which I'm currently thoroughly enjoying and reading in every spare moment;
  • My moleskine diary/notebook -- in bright red, which I love;
  • My little vinyl pencil case, purchased on a whim a few months ago, and containing a rapidly disappearing and incomplete set of Staedtler pens (I need the colours to help organize my calendar);
  • A half-empty (half-full?) container of Tic-Tacs;
  • A thumb drive, part of the free shwag from the Mom 2.0 Summit;
  • My Nikon Coolpix;
  • One of Alex's magic rocks, labeled "joy," and given to me to hold by Alex;
  • My keys, adorned with a Carib bottle opener, lovingly kept even though the word "Carib" has worn off, and I don't drink beer.


You carrying around anything interesting these days?

SongA little bit more by Jamie Lidell


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