how i know when i'm home (mid-2009 edition)

Our kitchen table, Thursday, May 14, 2009. Photographed with Nikon D300, 35mm lens.

1.  On returning to the house, my first cup of tea at the kitchen table.

2.  Finally lying down in my bed at night. When Marcus and I got married, we splurged and bought The Most Comfortable Bed Ever™.  I have no idea what brand this bed actually is, but in almost-seven years, I have yet to experience a bed as comfortable. After being away, the first night I slide between the sheets of our bed, I definitely know I'm home.

3.  The smell of nag champa incense.

4.  Resting my head on Marcus' chest.

5.  Sitting on our new swing at dusk! (preferable in concert with #4, above)

6.  The smell of bakingAnything baking.

7.  The sound of Alex singing quietly to herself in her bedroom.

8.  Turning on the twinkle lights in our kitchen.

And you?  These days, how do you know when you're home?


SongTrouble me by 10000 Maniacs