love thursday

A small wooden heart made in Kenya, and purchased by me at Cost Plus World Market in Houston. Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm lens.

I've been taken lately with how much I love being home with Marcus and Alex (and yes, even Rufus).  We are very lucky, and I know this; and there is a lot of unabashed love in this house right now.  I do not take this for granted, either - in this day and age, it seems to me when you experience true love of any sort, you should hang onto it like Grim Death.  Every night, I say a silent prayer of thanks, and fervently hope our family never, ever outgrows this.

I suspect that each of you have love in your lives as well -- whether or not it's love of a partner, a parent, a sibling, a child or a good friend.  Please take time to celebrate this love today with a simple gesture -- either with a hug, or a thoughtful e-mail, or whatever.  And I fervently hope for you that your relationships never, ever outgrow it.

Happy Love Thursday, friends.  Please leave your stories or links to your words or images of love in the comments below.


SongLove Shack, by the B-52's