rufus the schnoodle*

Photographed with Nikon D300, 60mm micro lens.

After extensive observation -- watching him play, eat, bark, chew various items of footware (including my very favourite shoes -  you know the ones? the olive green pumps that gave great toe cleavage? not that I'm bitter) -- we have come to the conclusion that Rufus is not the labradoodle we were led to believe he might be.

Instead -- and I think this evidenced by that eminent veterinary scientist, Dr. Google -- we are now of the belief that Rufus might actually be ...

... a schnoodle.

Photographed with Nikon D300, 35mm lens.

Further evidence here.  And here.  And especially here.

All I need is to find a photograph of one with an olive green Bandolino pump hanging out of his mouth, and I think my case will have been made.

Not that I'm bitter.


*not actually based on anything in fact.


Song: Shake your body down to the ground by The Jacksons, featuring Michael Jackson.  My first concert ever in life was at age 11, and it was to see the Jacksons, at the Arena Theatre in Houston.  We sat close enough to the stage that Michael actually reached out and touched my hand (!!), and The Jacksons sang this song for about 15 to 20 minutes straight.  To this day, I cannot hear this song without throwing my hands in the air, getting up, and shakin' what my momma gave me.  For those of you who are so inclined, and in honour of his music, I invite you all to turn it up with me at some point during the day and do the same.

Rest in peace, Michael.  For all your weirdness, the truth is that music, of all kinds, in all genres, is all the better because of you.