guest photographer: irène nam

Photo by Irène Nam

(While I'm winding up working on my book, periodically over the next few weeks I thought I'd have some guest posts by a few photographers who I really admire for your viewing pleasure.  Today, meet Irène Nam.  She's another artist whose work I've been following forever, in part because she's really astounding: she was born and has always lived in France, but Korean was her first language, and she writes masterfully in English.  I've found her so exceptional, in fact, she's going to be featured in my book.  Read on, and you'll see what I mean.  -- Ed.)

Photo by Irène Nam

“What brings me the most joy, that’s what I do.”


I’d always figured that being a writer and photographer would require a lot of discipline, work ethic, and a sense of certainty in my own strength. But I’ve learned that there’s also a sense of humbleness that every artist must accept and approve of in order to find balance, and true joy in what they do. 

Realizing that I can stop writing for the rest of my life and very few will notice, no one will die and yet I would not have failed has relieved me from the discontentment and hopelessness I experienced and thought were legitimately part of the job. 

And now I write because I know my voice matters. I write because words have the power to heal. I write because some days I actually think that I’m good at it. But most importantly, I write because this is what brings me the most joy.

Photo by  Irène Nam


Song: Stay (I missed you) by Lisa Loeb.  Today's song brought to you courtesy of Irène.

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