chookooloonks life list #80: taste 50 types of rum (no. 1 - tommy bahama golden sun)

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Here's something sort of cool:  writing down the life list has already changed my life.  Kind of. 

A couple of nights ago, I made plans to meet my friend Victoria for happy hour.  Victoria and I have been friends for over 15 years, and it had been a few months since we'd seen each other.  So we decided to get together at a bar near home.

I arrived earlier than expected, so I sat at the bar to order my usual glass of wine.  But then, as the bartender approached, I remembered my life list.

Taste 50 types of rum.

"What would you like?" she asked.

"Um... what kinds of unusual rums do you have?"

"Rum?" she sounded surprised.  "Well, I have... Tommy Bahama Golden Sun..."

"Sold," I said.  "I'll have that."

And so I did.  Unexpectedly and despite its name, Tommy Bahama is actually a Barbadian rum, according to the bartender -- and when I googled it, it turns out that it's also a clothing company.  Who knew?  Nonetheless, the rum was quite tasty -- smooth, slightly sweet.  Very good.

After I took a sip, I pulled out my camera (from my new camera bag, words cannot describe how much I love this thing), and took a photograph.  One of the other bartenders standing nearby looked at me with curiosity.

"Oh, I'm a photographer, and trying 50 rums is on my life list," I explained.  "I'm taking the photograph to record it.  In fact, taking 1000 portraits is also on my list.  May I take your photo?"  And she surprisingly agreed.

Are you getting this?

I mean, think about it:  if I hadn't written down my life list, I would've never slowly savoured that single shot of rum that night; instead, I would've asked for my usual pinot grigio and been done with it.  Since I've taken lots of photographs of wine, I probably wouldn't have pulled out my camera if I'd ordered a glass.  And I certainly wouldn't have asked a total stranger if I could take her photograph. 

I'm starting to think that maybe the magic of writing down a life list is simply the setting of intention in motion.  Because even that little scene in that bar -- a scene which, ultimately, couldn't have lasted more than 3 or 4 minutes -- made my life just a tiny bit more interesting.



SongThe Bacardi Mojito "Muddle" song. This song sounds exactly how the bar we were in felt.

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