pretty flower pictures to atone for neglecting to tell you something


So I neglected to mention, through all the Beauty of Different excitement and traveling and what-not, that several months ago I managed to land an agent for a second book.  This, as you can imagine, blows my mind and excites me to no end -- which, I suppose, in a certain way explains why I haven't mentioned it here, what with the possible jinxing and all.

The thing is, my agent would like this book to be more memoir-y and less photo-y, and it turns out that I have very little experience in writing more-memoir-y-less-photo-y-type books.  The pathetic result is that I've been putting off deadline after deadline, somewhat paralyzed with fear about the whole thing.

No more.  After all, a few years ago, I managed to crank out a (truly horrible) novel in 30 days, thanks to NaNoWriMo -- if I can do that, I'm hoping I can surely churn out a couple of decent chapters actually based in truth this week to submit to my agent for my deadline of April 2nd. 

I hope.

Anyway, I hope you'll forgive me if I'm a bit light on words this week, although I'm sure I'll be consistent with the photos -- with all the words I'll be writing, I anticipate a strong need for taking a break by shooting something at some point.  Also, sorry about not mentioning all of this sooner -- but hey, did you notice the picture I took of the pretty flower in Berkeley, above?  Look, here's another one!

More soon.


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