another pretty berkeley flower; also, a giveaway of katherine center's latest novel, "get lucky"!


Thanks for all the kind words yesterday, everyone.  I'm writing slowly but surely; in addition, I got some good advice from a friend and things should be going a bit quicker.  Fingers crossed.

So, anyway, I need to get back to it.  In the meantime, however, yesterday I received an advance copy of my friend Katherine Center's brand spanking new novel, Get Lucky.  As it happens, Katherine had already given me a copy (and I've already torn through it -- that Center girl, she just keeps getting better and better, she does!), so I've got this beautiful, new, pre-released copy just sitting on my desk.  

Just sitting here, crying out to be given away.

So here's what we'll do:  if you'd like to receive this advance copy of Katherine's book (it doesn't actually come out until April 6), just leave a comment below, stating (a) the city and country where you're currently reading this blog and (b) what is located immediately on your left.  For example, in my case:

I'm in Houston, USA and as I type this, there are three Buddhas sitting to my immediate left.

(You can, of course, tell me something else about you, too, but you don't have to if you don't want to.  I just love glimpses into your world.)

I'll pick a commenter at random to receive this copy of her book.  I'll take comments until 12:00 am Wednesday morning (March 31), and announce the winner in Wednesday's post.

Awesome.  And don't be shy: even if you might not want to read the book yourself, I guarantee you one of your friends does, so comment anyway.  I mean, just think how good a person you'll look when you give it as a gift!

Besides, I can't wait to see what random things are to your left.


Song:  Lady (you bring me up) by The Commodores.  After the awesome imagery that came to mind from Katherine's latest blog post, there was no way I couldn't feature this song today.