9 things i collect


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1.  Buddhas.  Of all shapes and sizes.

2.  Ajoupa pottery.  Particularly Ajoupa pottery houses.  Although I haven't bought any since moving from Trinidad.

3.  Swatches.  But recently, I decided to stop wearing a watch, so this collection may not grow for a while.

4.  Superhero necklaces

5.  Silver rings.

6.  Cameras.  Mostly inexpensive, vintage ones.

7.  Crosses.  Of all shapes and sizes.

8.  Angel ornaments.  I buy a new one each Christmas.

9.  Books. Lots and lots of books.*

I think it's sort of interesting that when I first started making this list, I didn't think I would be able to come up with more than 2 or 3 things.  But the truth is, this is probably just an abbreviated list of the items I do collect.  

I wonder what the things we collect say about us?  I wonder, years from now, if my great grandchildren come across this list, what conclusions they'll come to about me?

Do you collect things?


* Speaking of books, if you're in Houston and you're looking for a happy hour tonight, I hope you'll join me at the Kirtsy Takes a Bow book launch, from 6-9 pm at Bubblegum Tree Studio, 1305 Sterrett Street, Houston 77002.  It would be lovely to see you.


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