a brief moment

I've got some travel coming up (for starters, SXSW, and then a few days off with Marcus and Alex), and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the work I need to do before I leave.  So today, a quick post, in an attempt to take a moment to breathe:  the following are 8 Things Which I Find Unspeakably Pretty:

1. The surface of an egg.

2.  Hibiscus flowers (particularly the deep red ones that I'd sometimes see in Trinidad)

3.  Light passing through clear, cube-shaped ice cubes on a hot day.

4.  Water lapping over rocks on the seashore.

5.  The tops of newborn heads.

6.  The surface of an original painting.  Not the image of the painting itself, but the texture of paint on a canvas.

7.  The surface of nutmeg.

8.  Light passing through a moonstone.

There.  Now, back to work.


* * * * * * *

Thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday's giveaway!  According to Random.org, the winner of Brené's DVD is Donna, who said, "I feel most authentic when I post a picture and tell a story about it on my website/blog. My spirit comes out... like it comes straight from my heart."  Congrats, Donna -- I'll contact you via email to get your snail mail address.


 SongBoa Sorte by Vanessa de Mata, featuring Ben Harper