staying strong


Yesterday, as I was driving home, I approached a stop light under a freeway overpass, and noticed that there was a homeless man standing at the corner under the light with a sign.  My car was about the fifth car in line from the intersection, so I couldn't read the words on the piece of cardboard in his hands.

The light turned green.

I started driving, speeding up to keep up with the traffic.  As I drove past him, I glanced over, and could finally make out his handwritten words:

"Lost everything ... except my SENSE OF HUMOR."

I smiled.   

That is some pretty Zen shit right there, I thought. 

By this time, I couldn't hit the brakes to stop the car and give him money without causing a serious accident, so I drove on.  But I hope I see him again.  When I got home, I stuck a little money in the drink holder of my car, just in case.



SongWhat it's like by Everlast