feeling quite comfortable at the top of the food chain


Yesterday, unexpectedly, we found ourselves out and about around dinnertime.  So, on the spur of the moment, the three of us decided to treat ourselves to a family dinner out.

Marcus decided to order calamari as a starter.  Alex gleefully dove into the dish, helping him eat. Suddenly she stopped.

"Dad?  What is calamari, anyway?"

Marcus grinned.  "It's squid."

Alex stopped chewing.  "Squid?" she asked through a mouthful of food, a stricken look on her face.


She stared at him for a second.  Thinking.  Weighing. 

Then she smiled.

"I had NO IDEA squid was SO GOOD!" she said chewing again with abandon.

Clearly my family will not be joining me in vegetarianism anytime soon.


SongOctopus's garden by the Beatles