on the magnolia

Even though I've lived in Texas off and on for decades, there are a few things (other than the fact that I will forever feel, as we say, "Trini to de bone"), that will likely always keep me from ever being a true Texan.  They include, in no particular order, my inability to develop:

1.  a love of chicken fried steak (see also: biscuits and gravy);

2.  an appreciation of most country & western music (though there are a few rare exceptions); and

3.  a passion for the magnolia.

With regard to the last:  It's not that I hate the magnolia.  In fact, I've always seen the potential in the magnolia blossom.  However, it seems to me that just when they open -- almost to the minute -- they disintegrate. Their petals turn brown, and all the stamens (pistils?  I never remember) fall off.  So while Texans always wax poetic about the majesty of the magnolia, I find myself staring at them rather confused.*  I've always found them so disappointing.**

As it happens, we have a large magnolia tree in our front yard.  As it also happens, it's blooming like crazy right now.  So, as I have done in the past with baby's breath and carnations, I grabbed my camera to get nice and close, in the hopes of figuring out what all the fuss is all about.





So, okay.


I mean, it's still pretty disappointing how immediately they deteriorate -- but yeah, I can see how they're sort of cool-looking.***


* The flowers, not the Texans.

** Again, the flowers, not the Texans.

*** And to be honest, the bright pink in the middle is kind of awesome.

SongTuff enuff by The Fabulous Thunderbirds