anniversaries and traditions

Today is the summer solstice -- it's also Marcus and my first-eighth anniversary.  Eight years ago today, Marcus and I had a very long leisurely lunch of tapas and sangria, before heading to a hotel to get married, on relatively short notice, in front of relatively few friends. 

(This particular marriage came up sort of suddenly, for visa-obtaining purposes.  The elaborate, better-scheduled and much more carefully-planned white wedding happened 2 months later.  We'll therefore celebrate our second-eighth anniversary in August.)

Anyway, since then, Marcus and I celebrate every one of our first-anniversaries with sangria and tapas.  Tonight was no exception.









Happy anniversary, Marz.  Here's to 80 more.


Images:  Photographed with my Nikon D300, and the 50mm lens that Nikon lent me.


Song: Eight days a week by The Beatles