list #1: inanimate objects that always make me smile

My sweet friend Hula is doing this thing on her blog where she's publishing 52 lists -- one a week for a year.

I love this.

I'm not going to fool myself into thinking I could be focused enough to do one of these each week, but I do love a good list.  I may just have to steal this idea from time to time. 

Like, for example, the following are a few things the sight of which always make me smile:

1.  Marbles

2.  Sunflowers

3.  Bunny rabbits (okay, these aren't inanimate, but they've been littering my walking trail these days, and holy moly, are they cute)

4.  Seashells

5.  Vintage photographs of kids

6.  A single scoop of ice cream (lately, Häagen-Dazs java chip) in a plain sugar cone

7.  Egg cups

8.  Wildflowers in makeshift vases

9.  Children's drawings -- especially Alex's

10.  Mens' hands with wedding rings

11.  Freshly-made beds

12.  Boats

13.  Bonfires

14.  Brand new, unused crayons

Image:  Wildflowers in mason jars at The Pioneer Woman's ranch, photographed with my Nikon D300 and ancient 50mm manual lens.


Song: Sun comes up by John Legend