still waiting (funkwatch 2010)

I'm starting to think that the reason Amorphophallus Titanus is called the "corpse flower" is because I'll be dead of old age by the time this thing blossoms.  As of the time of this typing, the flower hasn't moved.  They're saying that it's beginning to bloom, and that the flower is beginning to emit an odor of "musty rotten vegetables," but apparently you have to put your nose all up in the thing to actually detect the smell (read: only Zac the Horticulturalist can smell it, but the general public, required to stay behind the barrier, can't).

And so, we continue to wait.  Which, you know, is cool.  I've got time.




While we wait, since you guys know what I'm currently obsessing about -- anything you guys are feeling particularly obsessive about lately?

Image:  Some friends I met at The Pioneer Woman's ranch, photographed with my Nikon D300 and that superfab 10-24mm wide angle lens that Nikon lent me


SongI can't wait to meetchu by Macy Gray.  Incidentally, it seems like everyone in Houston is getting bored waiting for Lois, as well -- the museum, with the help of just about every Houstonian on Twitter, just posted their own crowdsourced music playlist, in honour of Lois' blooming.  So, you know ... play that funky music.