love thursday: list #3 -- 10 more things i love

1.  The first bite of a single scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone on a really hot day.  The bites that follow are great, but never as good as that first one.

2.  A single Godiva dark chocolate truffle. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but one of these will make me happy for a straight month.

3.  Sitting on my front sidewalk in the late evening in order to take photographs. I love how warm the concrete feels.

4.  That moment when you slide between the sheets of your own bed after travel, or a long day.  Bliss.

5.  Moving the shower curtain aside when I'm getting Alex out of the shower in the morning.  She always makes sure she's in some crazy rockstar pose when the curtain moves, and I laugh every time.

6.  Marcus' salads.  Marcus is an amazing cook, but his highly elaborate salads are the stuff of legend.

7. The sound of the binding of a new book cracking the first time I open it to read.  It's gonna be a good long while before I hop on the Kindle bandwagon, I think.

8.  Brand new, clean, empty journals.  So much potential!

9.  Traveling to a new place, and coming across the perfect, photo op -- lots of colour, lots of texture.

10.  The shock of the saltiness of seawater the first time I jump into the ocean after a long time away.


Happy Love Thursday, friends.  May you enjoy something you love today.


Image: Photograph of flowers, ones that are CLEARLY not the corpse flower (which hasn't bloomed yet), taken in my front garden with my Nikon D300 and 60mm lens.


Song: When love comes to town, as performed by Herbie Hancock, featuring Jonny Lang and Joss Stone. Aw yeah.